Print of August


‘Riverside’ size 40 x30 cm, linocut, 2018

This print came out of the intensely hot month of June 2018, what a gorgeous Summer.
I took a long walk on Exmoor from Wintershead to Landacre following the river Barle in what seemed an almost Mediterranean climate. Hot as a grasshopper I sort refuge under an Ash tree amongst the cooling reeds, soaking up the coolness of the shade. Under the tree I made a drawing on my ipad. I sought to capture the contrast of heat and shade and the beauty of the river sliding by beyond the tree. I spent three absorbing hours drawing the scene.

Drawing with the IPad

ipad sky.jpg

I love to learn new art techniques and improve my art practice. Here I share with you  my early exploration of the iPad Pro and drawing App 'Procreate' At first the apple pencil and hard screen seemed slippery and unfamiliar. I purchased a screen saver with a matt surface to give a more paper like feel, this is called 'Paperlike' and I recommend it.

I took my iPad out into the landscape instead of my sketchbook so that I had no choice but to practice drawing digitally. Above are my cloud studies using the pastel and pencil tools and below my garden frog using the pencil and charcoal tools.

Using the iPad is such a pleasure, like having your whole studio in one tiny book. The only drawback so far is the use of scale, I love to draw in a big sketchbook with bold gestures of the pencil, so for now I will use the modern and the old alongside each other!

frog 1.jpg
ipad frog 3.jpg

Print of the month

mist in the valley.jpg

'Mist in the Valley', size 42x32cm, Linocut 2018

I have never attempted to describe mist in a landscape print before, it was a great challenge. Inspired by a sketch that I had made whilst sitting high up on the side of a beautiful Exmoor valley. The morning of my sketching walk was crisp and bright, the sun over the hillside and the mist curling its way down the bottom of the valley. From my vantage point I could see the mist's cloud like forms merging and emerging, magical.

To get the effect that I was after, I used two printing techniques,my usual multiblock with five pieces of Lino and a reduction method to make six. Below you can see two of the blocks during the carving process. I completed a small but unique edition of ten prints.


misty lino.jpg

Print of the Month


'Sheep Huddle' size 35x30cm, Linocut 2018

Inspired by a walk on nearby fields in the March 2018 snow. The snow flakes were falling slowly in spiraling drifts and the sheep had just been fed at the trough. The ideas for this design came from a watercolour that I had made (see previous blog) I hope that you find it interesting to see how a linocut design evolves, from watercolour,to simplified drawing, to carving and then print. 


design sheep.jpg
sheep lino.jpg

A new watercolour series


'Sheep Huddle' SIZE 26X20CM, Watercolour,2018


'Snow Drops' size 15x15cm, watercolour, 2018


'Snow Drift' size 15x11cm, watercolour, 2018

January and February are the quieter times of the year for me, as an artist. This year, 2018 I have used this time in the studio to develop a new watercolour series with the focus on Winter. I hope to make some new Winter seasons greetings cards and create linocut prints inspired by the watercolours. 

I loved having so much snow to enjoy and photograph; way too cold to sit outside for long and draw though ! Now that March has come and the Snowdrops have passed, the snow still continues in incredible drifts like waves on the Exmoor roads. 

I look forward to showing you my watercolours as a collection later in the year.


Print of the Month


'Wonder' SIZE 50X30CM, LINOCUT,2017

Inspired by a winters walk from Simonsbath on Exmoor along the river Barle through hills, granite outcrops and Barrows to Cow Castle.  I felt wonder as the sun fell behind the hill filling the valley with pattern and colour.

The print has a generous border for mounting and is made in a small edition of 20. It took three colour lino blocks to make this print and one month to craft it.

Print of the month

the silver birch tree.jpg

'The Silver Birch Tree' size 40x30cm, linocut, 2017

I fell in love with this view of Exmoor and have visited there throughout the seasons. On this particular afternoon in early Winter the light was clean and the sun created a soft halo around the boughs of the Silver Birch Trees. I worked to capture the feeling of peacefulness, a timelessness that the trees gave to me.

There's a feeling of movement in the leaves, the sun shifting and shimmering,sheep quietly grazing.

The print has a generous border for mounting and is made in a small edition of 20. It took five colour lino blocks to make this print and one month to craft it.

A Winter Fair and Festive Printing Workshop

Exeter Cathedral Winter Fair

exeter cathedral.jpg

I have a stall at this fabulous Winter Fair and invite you to join me there for some shopping in the spectacular Exeter Cathedral Nave.

 Tuesday evening 7th November 18.30-21.00 and then all day Wednesday the 8th November 10.00-16.00

Admission to the cathedral is FREE , but to  guarantee admission pre book your tickets and receive a free glass of wine/juice Tue eve or free tea/coffee all day Wed. Book online below or phone 01392 285983

Its going to be Sparkly


Festive Print Workshop


Christmas PrintWorkshop.jpg

It's here the yearly Christmas/Festive lino print workshop.  

 Pilton Community College, Barnstaple, in the art rooms.

Date 9th Dec 10am - 1pm

£24 per person to include all materials.

We will carve festive designs out of lino then print them onto brown wrapping paper, blank cards and tags to make gift wrap. 

This workshop was such fun last year and I encourage you to book early as it is very popular 

My Latest News

Wild Meadow det.jpg

Many thanks to everyone who came along to my Open Studios during September. Thankyou also to the organizers of Devon Open Studios and North Devon Art Trek who made this event so successful.

Exhibition News

There will be another opportunity to view my work in November 2017 at The Plough Arts Centre, Torrington - Artist Wall exhibition Mon 30th Oct - Mon 27th Nov a really lovely space.

wild meadow.jpg

Introducing my latest Print

Wildflower Meadow

Hours spent observing nature are never wasted. Returning to a child's eye view, a snails pace, tuning into the insect sounds and in the words of Emily Dickinson 

'The murmur of a bee
A witchcraft yieldeth me
If any ask me why
T were easier to die 
than tell'

This latest linocut print, a month in the making can be purchased on my Prints page.

with best wishes