New Year in the Studio


'Hawthorne Berries' size 30x20cm, linocut 2019

I welcomed the New Year in with a wish for myself, three months in my work schedule to refresh my own creativity. I need to give myself time to look again at the fundamentals of design, compositon, tone, carving technique, to delve deeper and be braver.

I have long wanted to do a series about trees through the seasons in single colour printing. I love to sit with the trees on Exmoor, the aged, gnarly, moss covered ones!

This first linocut of the year ‘Hawthorne Berries’ began on a post Boxing Day walk. As I sat looking at the Winter landscape I noticed the remaining scarlet berries and cool green lichen on the trees, I felt so inspired drawing and photographing the repeating patterns and bones of the land. I tried to challenge myself to explore different viewpoints and compositions, framing the distant view with the branches. I hope you enjoy this linocut now printed in Olive green.