Drawing with the IPad

ipad sky.jpg

I love to learn new art techniques and improve my art practice. Here I share with you  my early exploration of the iPad Pro and drawing App 'Procreate' At first the apple pencil and hard screen seemed slippery and unfamiliar. I purchased a screen saver with a matt surface to give a more paper like feel, this is called 'Paperlike' and I recommend it.

I took my iPad out into the landscape instead of my sketchbook so that I had no choice but to practice drawing digitally. Above are my cloud studies using the pastel and pencil tools and below my garden frog using the pencil and charcoal tools.

Using the iPad is such a pleasure, like having your whole studio in one tiny book. The only drawback so far is the use of scale, I love to draw in a big sketchbook with bold gestures of the pencil, so for now I will use the modern and the old alongside each other!

frog 1.jpg
ipad frog 3.jpg