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mist in the valley.jpg

'Mist in the Valley', size 42x32cm, Linocut 2018

I have never attempted to describe mist in a landscape print before, it was a great challenge. Inspired by a sketch that I had made whilst sitting high up on the side of a beautiful Exmoor valley. The morning of my sketching walk was crisp and bright, the sun over the hillside and the mist curling its way down the bottom of the valley. From my vantage point I could see the mist's cloud like forms merging and emerging, magical.

To get the effect that I was after, I used two printing techniques,my usual multiblock with five pieces of Lino and a reduction method to make six. Below you can see two of the blocks during the carving process. I completed a small but unique edition of ten prints.


misty lino.jpg