A church yard scene


The Yew tree and the Church, size 40x30cm, linocut 2018

The tree has been a huge inspiration for me since I was a child and now when I choose a scene they are often the main focus. This new print has a Yew tree, last month the Beech tree and before that an Ash by the riverside. I would love to illustrate a book for children or adults where trees are the central inspiration or characters, just putting it out there !

The Yew tree and church in this latest print are found at East Down, close to Coombe Martin, North Devon. Both tree and church are ancient and full of history.Though the graves and verges are tended the edges are wild and full of birdlife. I chose to bring out the peaceful atmosphere of the graveyard by using warm ochre tones, khaki green and pattern. I hope that this print might echo for others the history, natural habitat and peace that the churchyard can evoke.