A Cover Illustration for Slightly Foxed Journal

fox journal.JPG

‘Beechnuts’ my linocut print, originally appeared as the cover artwork for ‘Slightly Foxed’: the real readers quarterly , issue 59, Autumn 2018.
It was such a thrill to be commisoned by the editors to create this cover work, following on from some artists that I greatly admire such as Mark Hearld, Cary Akroyd and Quentin Blake, I feel honoured to have been asked.
It was really interesting to work on commison, to have to create a design that was for the Autumn season whilst still in early Summer! I developed my ideas from photographs that I had taken last Autumn on Molland moor, Exmoor.
'Slightly Foxed' is a fantastic inspiration for lovers of good literature, find them on

www.foxed quarterly .com