Hello Fellow Art Lovers

Introducing my new work, a linocut print of the Skylark.


A little brown bird, completely plain and really hard to spot, but iconic because of the beauty of its song.

I first heard the skylark as a child walking on the South Downs with my Grandma, she loved them and we would spot seven at a time spiraling high in the sky.

Many years later and I still listen out for the lark on Exmoor.

To see them at close range I have learnt to sit quietly by the long grass where they forage for seed heads and nest. They have just one distinctive feature a small tufty brown crest on their head making them look slightly alarmed, which they may be at the sight of me!

A view of the Lark on the ground is rare and short, I hold their shape in my mind and sketch whilst the memory is fresh.

The song of the Skylark in the Spring and Summer lifts my heart and so this print is a small homage to a special British bird.