Wild Flower Mini Prints

I have carved a range of mini prints for you in celebration of the wild flowers in the fields and hedgerows. These colourful gems are created using just two colours which when overlayed mix to create a third tone. I wanted you to be able to brighten your home or a friends, to be able to own original art at the best price. I am thinking of developing this collection with more flowers and possibly insects with their brightly coloured wings too, what do you think?

Below are the Flower prints ‘Purple Orchid’ and ‘Birdsfoot Trefoil’ and ‘Bramble Blossom’


Once a month or so I meet up with two artist friends and share creative time, support and chat; during our May meet, we drew on Exmoor. I had been waiting and hoping for the coming of new leaves on the trees and on this trip the Hawthorn leaves and flower buds burst open with such delicacy. Drawing even a single bough of a tree against a wooded backdrop is complex, but I find it absorbing following the tree limbs and light and shade of the leaves.

Hoping for new leaves in nature and in life, I share this new work with you.

Find out more about ‘Hope’

Craft Festival - June 2019

craft fair.jpg

I am so excited to be taking part this year in the 2019 Craft Festival at Bovey Tracey. This events hosts 200 craft makers who will be showing prints, ceramic and jewllery and more, lovely work. I will be in the Devon Guild Associates Craft tent and I invite you to come and see a range of my best work. There will also be craft demonstrations and delicious food.

If you are free for the private view on Thursday 6th June or over the three days of the festival Fri, Sat Sun 7-9th June, it would be very lovely to see you there. Tickets can be purchased in advance from https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/the-contemporary-craft-festival or on the day at the gate.

New Work

‘Looking Through’ size 30x20cm, Linocut 2019

‘Looking Through’ size 30x20cm, Linocut 2019

This wild Hawthorn tree had beautiful twisted boughs and textured lichen covered branches. As I leant against the warm trunk of the tree I was drawn to the rolling woodland view beyond. The colours are saturated greens with warm yellow highlights. Like to find out more?

Spring leaf buds

‘Life Cycle’ size 30x20cm, Linocut 2019

‘Life Cycle’ size 30x20cm, Linocut 2019

Introducing my latest linocut print ‘Life Cycle’ I get really excited each year noticing the signs that Spring is on its way, the pink of Beech leaf buds are the best. When I sat down to draw at this Exmoor spot the green of the mossy grass and the pink of the leaf buds sang. Looking at the old fallen trees compared with the strong growth of the Beech hedges I thought about life cycles both human and in nature,a sense of time passing. Below is a peak into my sketchbook at one of the drawings that I built to help me structure the composition of my print.


February's Fox print

‘Foxy’ size 30x20cm, linocut 2019

‘Foxy’ size 30x20cm, linocut 2019

I continue to explore ways of sharing my love of trees, the bark, Lichen the eco system on their limbs and pattern of their branches. In my recent print ‘Foxy’ the whole view is framed by a close up of a tree limb covered in moss and clover. I dearly want to share that moment when time stops and you are just looking at and feeling nature.

An artist that I admire hugely is Georgia O Keefe and in the spirit of international women’s day, here is a quote from this wonderful artist ‘nobody sees a flower - really it is so small it takes time - and to see takes time - like to have a friend takes time’ I think that she describes that quiet, absorbed moment perfectly.

‘Foxy’ is also inspired by the vixen that passed by whilst I was recently drawing trees on Exmoor. I think that I am very quiet when drawing as this is the second time that a fox has walked through the landscape close to me, she was as surprised by me as I her.

New Year in the Studio


'Hawthorne Berries' size 30x20cm, linocut 2019

I welcomed the New Year in with a wish for myself, three months in my work schedule to refresh my own creativity. I need to give myself time to look again at the fundamentals of design, compositon, tone, carving technique, to delve deeper and be braver.

I have long wanted to do a series about trees through the seasons in single colour printing. I love to sit with the trees on Exmoor, the aged, gnarly, moss covered ones!

This first linocut of the year ‘Hawthorne Berries’ began on a post Boxing Day walk. As I sat looking at the Winter landscape I noticed the remaining scarlet berries and cool green lichen on the trees, I felt so inspired drawing and photographing the repeating patterns and bones of the land. I tried to challenge myself to explore different viewpoints and compositions, framing the distant view with the branches. I hope you enjoy this linocut now printed in Olive green.

A warm invitation to Cadeleigh Christmas Fair


I invite you to this special event run by myself and five other talented craftswomen and artists. We have pottery, colourful ceramics, glittering glass, soft woven textiles, lively paintings and my nature inspired prints and cards. If you are looking for unique and 100% handmade gifts, Cadeleigh Christmas Fair is the place to find them. We are also serving tea, cake and soup so that you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

A church yard scene


The Yew tree and the Church, size 40x30cm, linocut 2018

The tree has been a huge inspiration for me since I was a child and now when I choose a scene they are often the main focus. This new print has a Yew tree, last month the Beech tree and before that an Ash by the riverside. I would love to illustrate a book for children or adults where trees are the central inspiration or characters, just putting it out there !

The Yew tree and church in this latest print are found at East Down, close to Coombe Martin, North Devon. Both tree and church are ancient and full of history.Though the graves and verges are tended the edges are wild and full of birdlife. I chose to bring out the peaceful atmosphere of the graveyard by using warm ochre tones, khaki green and pattern. I hope that this print might echo for others the history, natural habitat and peace that the churchyard can evoke.

A Cover Illustration for Slightly Foxed Journal

fox journal.JPG

‘Beechnuts’ my linocut print, originally appeared as the cover artwork for ‘Slightly Foxed’: the real readers quarterly , issue 59, Autumn 2018.
It was such a thrill to be commisoned by the editors to create this cover work, following on from some artists that I greatly admire such as Mark Hearld, Cary Akroyd and Quentin Blake, I feel honoured to have been asked.
It was really interesting to work on commison, to have to create a design that was for the Autumn season whilst still in early Summer! I developed my ideas from photographs that I had taken last Autumn on Molland moor, Exmoor.
'Slightly Foxed' is a fantastic inspiration for lovers of good literature, find them on

www.foxed quarterly .com