thank you for sharing my love of nature

Working from my studio I can gaze up to the top of Exmoor and watch the turning seasons, sometimes we are one of the few places to get the beauty of Winter snow. I take my inspiration from the flora and fauna of the  countryside, walking every inch of the local landscape my sketchbook and camera in hand. 


I studied Fine Art Painting at Falmouth School of Art and Design in Cornwall, there I became inspired by artist's such as David Jones and Cecil Collins I saw mystical and spiritual life in their paintings of the landscape. I also explored the work of Cezanne who's watercolour landscapes are full of light and meaning. 

After Art School I continued my own fine art practice,as well as working professionally within the arts and raising a family.

 In 1987 I settled in Devon and now live at the foot of Exmoor a wild and wonderful area that is home to the rare native breed of Exmoor ponies, Red deer and native moorland birds.

As a child I drew the birds that visited our garden, I walked the fields of my grandparents farm, excited to get outside every morning to explore. Wildlife and the rural landscape have inspired my work since my days as a student and a sense of wonder at nature and the joy of drawing and painting outside continues to move me. The images that I make are always rooted in something that I have seen, a pattern in the weather, the rolling moorland grass, a group of Exmoor ponies, I hope to depict these sights with a freshness and spirit that I experience being in nature.